Welcome to The Greater Hughesville Business Association website.

Established in 1996, our organization continually works:

  • To develop, encourage, promote and protect the commercial, industrial, financial and general business interests in the Borough of Hughesville and the immediate surrounding municipalities;
  • To promote the civic interest and the general community;
  • To extend and promote trade and commerce, and foster, develop and protect the industry of the community;
  • To encourage the development of the transportation and communication facilities and the various resources of the community;
  • To procure laws and regulations desirable for the benefit of business in general;
  • To provide a forum for the reflection of the sentiments of business regarding matters affecting its interests.

This website has been created as part of the organization’s dedication to both its business members and the community itself.  Here you will find information on GHBA fundraisers and events, community activities, and information about local businesses that are members of GHBA.

Like what you see on our website or can’t find something you’re looking for? We’re always open to input from our members and the community.  Send us an e-mail at info@hughesvillebusiness.org — your feedback is important to us!


President – Suzanne Holmes, 570-584-5929
Vice President – Tom Donofrio, 570-584-3954
Treasurer – Diane Egly, 570 546-3608
Secretary – Cheri Richards, 570 584-2181